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a new path



Getting out of your comfort zone and opening up to new experiences can be simple and fun. Try taking a new route once this week. This could mean getting off at a different subway stop, turning down a different street or even trying a different market than you normally visit.
The possibilities are endless.

This could result in a solution to a problem you’ve been mulling over,
your creative juices start flowing, you discover a new store, a new street,
run into an old friend or find a beautiful  garden.
You never know where a new path can take you.

open mind, open heart

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In addition to Joanna, there were five teaching assistants rotating in and out of our classes. I loved hearing about their journeys, fears, and how Reiki transformed their lives. They were a consistent presence, and I asked a million questions throughout each weekend.

We were Joanna’s rainbow class, and she predicted we would gel quickly.

It felt like a social experiment, sharing experiences with people so different from myself. I learned to be open-minded, to refrain from snap judgments.

It was an eclectic group, 28 in total, ranging in age from 22-74. Some of their occupations included: yoga instructors, nurses, a psychologist, even a fashionista. I learned something from everyone.

Jeff, a middle-aged man, was painfully shy and self-conscious about his glass eye. But he didn’t let his disability stop him from pursing his dreams, often driving hours to class. I loved his dry and witty sense of humor.

Sara, a 30-year-old nanny, first came to class angry and cried, often leaving the room. As she became honest about her inner struggles, her anger was slowly replaced with happiness. Everyone was rooting for her.

Cathy, 74 years old, had a passion for nutrition and self-care. She brought recipes, and mentioned my poor posture on numerous occasions. The importance of enough sleep was another of her hot topics. Cathy was a vessel of information.

I met three amazing, gifted women who would become life-long friends. Rachel focused me on prioritizing my personal life. Catherine encouraged exploring other modalities. Michelle advocated going with the current, not against it.

When we performed group Reiki sessions together, there was something familiar, as though we’d done it together, before. Perhaps in another lifetime? It was a powerful experience.

It was a snowy Sunday, during a table clinic in class, while I was practicing on a friend, when one of my gifts was revealed to me.