a fortuitous encounter

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As you get older you start to wonder, “What is my purpose?” 

About two years ago that question kept popping up for me and I began my quest for answers. I started by asking friends what they thought their purpose was. Could that purpose be aligned with your passion? Could you have your cake and eat it too?

As I became more spiritual, more doors were unlocking for me. New people kept crossing my path with different questions for me. What brings you joy? What act of kindness have you practiced today? How would you get out of your comfort zone, and what would that look like?

While I was searching for answers I was still living a life on autopilot, under a veil of grey. My life consisted of: exercising before work, going to work, dinner plans after work, watching TV before bed.

I did experience intermittent periods of vibrant color on my annual spa trips to Arizona. During these trips I signed up for sessions with Shaman and Reiki Masters, dance classes, rock climbing. Basically, anything out of my comfort zone. I was fully engaged in any and all conversations and enjoyed quality time by myself sketching or journaling. I met people who were like-minded and looking for a higher purpose, an inward connection they had forgotten all about.

Many of these trips were life changing. But I just couldn’t figure out how to translate that energy/excitement into my life at home.

Then, on a hot Sunday last August, I went to a Psychic Fair on Long Island. I arrived early, eager, and signed up for several services. The hotel’s ballroom, where the event took place, was bustling with inquisitive people who had questions and were searching out answers. People like myself. At the center of the room were the Reiki Masters. In booths around the room’s edges were Tarot Readers, Numerologists, and Psychics.

When I sat down with Gina for a 15-minute psychic reading, little did I know that my life would take a permanent course correction.

After handing Gina my bracelet (she asked for a personal item) she wanted to know if I was a Reiki practitioner. I said, “No. Why?” Gina said, “Because I can easily see you teaching and practicing Reiki.” I started laughing, because it was completely foreign to me and yet it totally made sense.

I needed to learn more about what Reiki was exactly, and began my search the very next day.