warrior wednesday

How did your week go, trying to incorporate my five tips into finding more happiness and fun into your schedule? Were any new activities more exciting than you expected? Were there challenges trying to find time, or any pushback from your family and friends about trying to make time for yourself?

On Wednesday night, I created a relaxing environment by lighting my favorite vanilla candle, I dimmed my lights and played soft jazz music in the background (since I live in NYC there were a few sirens as well).

Looking over my lengthy list (see below) it isn’t surprising that I wasn’t able to accomplish everything. Although I was able to find time to work on my blog and business, I missed out on my evening meditation practice, Qi Gong only happened once, and I wasn’t able to make yoga on Saturday morning due to a splitting headache.

Missing activities that reduce stress and increase creativity impacted my week more than expected. I was more tightly wound than usual when last-minute projects rolled in and I had to figure out other ways to tap into “the zone” since I didn’t make it to the gym (my temple for creativity) during the week.

Being perfect isn’t the objective; making time for yourself and having fun is. This is a work in progress. We’re all a work in progress. Good luck with the week ahead and drop me a line to let me know how you’re doing.

xoxo. B

Activities planned for the week:
• Meditation: 2x a day
• Dinner plans with friends: 1x
• 7-hours of sleep: 7x
• Qi Gong: 3x
• Yoga: 1x
• Work on my blog: 2x
• Work on my business: 1x
• Go to the gym: 4x

What I accomplished:
• Meditation: 1x a day
• Dinner plans with friends: 1x
• 7-hours or more of sleep: 4x
• Qi Gong: 1x
• Worked on my blog: 1x
• Worked on my business: 1x
• Gym: 1x

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