cold hands, warm heart


Joanna polled students to see who had physical responses while performing Reiki. Were anyone’s hands vibrating or getting warm?

I thought, Why wasn’t I feeling anything? Joanna confided in us that, when she was a student, it had taken longer for her than her classmates to start feeling or seeing anything. I had faith it would happen for me soon.

Throughout the month-long break in December, I worked on getting my certification for Reiki Levels 1 and 2. During the holiday season, with many people away, I enlisted the help of friends.

Chair sessions are part of the certification for Level 1. I found a quiet spot in an area of the office with low traffic and large comfy chairs. I wondered what people thought as I would walk by with a different person each day; it made me chuckle each time.

One friend had crackling energy in her head, while another had energy that flowed smoothly. One of my friends had energy so strong that I wasn’t quite sure I could contain it. It was all very exciting, and fun.

My craziest chair session ever involved a Reiki Master. As we stood several feet apart, before the session began, a current of energy ran from her head to mine. Her body was electric, particularly her feet.

We were given a protocol to follow for table sessions as part of certification for Level 2. I decided to do sessions after hours either in my office or an adjacent conference room, because of the glass walls neither had the privacy I would require.

I transformed the space into an oasis: soothing music, lavender eyeshades, a comfy table, a fleece blanket, and pillows. I wanted the experience to be as relaxing as possible.

I was honored to give many friends their first Reiki session, and we all had a blast. Many fell asleep. Some even snored. I could feel energy surge in a few, while in others it just flowed along. Everyone felt soothed afterwards, and they volunteered to help me with future certifications.

I completed certification for Levels 1 and 2 before the Master Program began the first weekend in January. I felt great going into that weekend.

During our first clinic, we were instructed to tap into our intuition rather than the protocol from Level 2. As a graphic designer, I know how to go into “the zone” when I’m blocked. So I started applying the same technique to Reiki. Once I removed expectations and trusted my instinct, my gifts slowly started to reveal themselves.

I approached a table session with my friend Rachel with an open mind and heart. As I allowed myself to be guided around her body, I released any expectations for the session.

I normally have ice-cold hands, but as I lightly placed them on Rachel, they slowly started heating up on certain parts of her body. My arms began to sweat and I feared I would burn her skin. As I was “pulled” around her body, I couldn’t move in certain spots until her energy was moving freely; it was fascinating and encouraging.

Each session ends with a Q&A with your partner. Rachel commented on the heat from my hands as well as my uncanny ability to find areas of stiffness resulting from previous injuries. I was truly a vessel, and ecstatic that my gifts were finally emerging.

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