new year, new me

santanyc On a Saturday night, in the middle of December, I headed out to Long Island for my friend’s annual holiday party. As I took the train from Penn Station I was secretly hoping to run into my treasured and trusted psychic/healing posse.

I was in luck, since most of them were at the party and each provided different information for me. Pat, a spiritual healer, gave me a prayer to ground and surround myself in white light. Diana, a psychic, showed me how to pull energy across my sinuses and out through my ears (I would need to figure out how to do that discreetly in class). I felt ready and healthy going into the New Year.

Reiki 3, the Reiki Master practitioner program, began the first weekend in January. It was a little unnerving to commit to a four-month program. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have a bad track record of sticking to things.

I was excited and nervous when I woke up that morning for class. Leading up to that weekend, I was having some secret and serious doubts. Am I doing the right thing? Am I crazy to spend so much money on these classes? Do I want to become a healer, and what does being a healer mean? Is this going to change my life for the better?

As I hung up my coat and grabbed my name badge, I looked around the room for a familiar face, any familiar face. I was ecstatic to see that a friend from the previous classes had decided to take the leap of faith as well. I have to confess, I was pitching her on signing up with me. It’s always fun to have a buddy.

I noticed a few other familiar faces, but the rest where strangers. I hoped they soon would become friends.

Class began with an overview from our fearless leader Joanna, followed by commentary from each student. Some cried when they spoke of their struggles, others were funny and a few painfully shy. Surprisingly, there were commonalities in the stories.

I’m typically a guarded person, especially with strangers, but I followed everyone’s lead and went a little deeper with my story. I told them that I was searching for answers beyond my current career as a graphic designer, and that I want to help people.

My walls were starting to come down, and it felt right. Intuitively, it felt right.

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